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With iotAIR™ service, you can monitor and document the conditions of your construction site better than ever before.

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Monitor the conditions of your construction site in real time from anywhere!

Improve the quality, work safety and traceability of your project with the help of iotAIR™ service.

Equipped with cameras and sensors, iotAIR™ Pro devices take photos and measure important conditions for your project, such as air quality, amounts of hazardous dust, temperatures, humidity values, air pressure, etc.


Effortless monitoring

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Are you thinking about a solution for measuring the conditions of the construction site? Get started effortlessly with the features of the iotAIR service.


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iotAIR™ service allows you to monitor the conditions of your construction site in real time. When the construction site is completed, you can move the sensors to the next job site without the need for separate experts or installers.


Measure what's important

iotAIR™ service allows you to measure occupational safety-related values, such as fine quartz dust, carbon dioxide and other dangerous substances. You can also measure values ​​related to construction quality, such as air humidity and pressure, temperatures, etc.


Information available 24/7 - from anywhere

In addition to being able to generate reports at any time iotAIR™ in the service, you can also order reports from the service, such as the site's weekly report.



You can invite project members to the service, send reports by e-mail or transfer reports directly to cloud services for construction projects, such as NET projektipankki or Raksapro™.

Do you have questions?

Not sure if iotAIR™ the right solution for you? What does the service include? What can the service measure?

Attached are the most common questions from our new customers.
iotAIR is a cloud service that collects measurements and photos from iotAIR devices. Easy to use and hightly automated.
Unlike other devices, that only collect measurements, iotAIR devices also take photos.
Almost everything, such as air pressure, temperature, humidity and construction dust - also sensors are equipped a camera. We are constantly expanding the product range.
For now, we do not sell measuring devices. It is good to note that the rental also includes the iotAIR cloud service, reporting, user management and many other features.

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