Independent PRO series

Pro series products offer accurate and easy-to-use measurement. The products of the series have been developed in such a way that they do not need to be installed by an expert or need of a internet connection.

Pro series products have a built-in 4G base station and internet connection, camera and desired measurement options. Also GNSS satellite positioning is available as additional service.

The devices automatically connect to the iotAIR cloud service, through which you can manage access rights, get reports and set alarms.

When to choose the Pro series?

Pro series is the best choice when you want measuring devices that are easy to use and which are easy to move when work stages or construction sites are completed.

Pro series devices are not only sensors. They are computers, with standard internet connection and desired sensors. This enables the that the devices can be put into use without separate installations, separate base stations or fixed internet connection.




Site humidity, temperature and air pressure

The multi-sensor measures temperature, air humidity and pressure. Different warning levels can be set for the sensor, which you will be warned about exceeding/undershooting by text message.

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Measure construction site dust

Työmaan pienhiukkasien mittausraportti

With the particle meter of the iOtAIR service, you measure small particles that are dangerous to the health of employees.

Voit myös asettaa varoitustasoja, joiden ylittyessä saat varoituksen palvelusta.

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